Dale Vulpes Vulpes

Samantha practices art under her artistic alter ego Dale Vulpes Vulpes. 'Vulpes Vulpes' denotes the genus and species of the European red fox; a tribute to her namesake. Her encounters of medical science, through study and personal observation as a Scientist, inspire her subject matter. 


Influenced by the biomorphic experiments of the surrealists and early technical medical drawings, her work emphasises the intellectual and emotional disconnect humans have with our understanding of ourselves. It seeks to emphasise these disconnects and expose elements typically unseen. Dale Vulpes Vulpes achieves this by depicting the many facets that comprise humans, anatomical through to molecular, juxtaposing familiar elements with the unfamiliar, inviting the viewer to question what it means to be human.


You can view her portfolio and works available for purchase at the dedicated Dale Vulpes Vulpes website.

Notable Group Exhibitions


Creative Reactions, Pint of Science, Cambridge


Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge


SciArt at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge


Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton

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