You are invited to celebrate the graduation of Samantha Dale Fox. In the year 2020, a time of pandemics, post-truth, and fascism, let us take a moment to celebrate the absurdity of our position and the achievements of our comrades. For this brave unemployed scientist has just completed a degree in philosophy and law and is now a 'Master of the Arts'. She will surely survive the ongoing collapse of society with gusto. If not, she still wants to go out in good company, so you're all invited.


The details:

When: Saturday 26th September, 18:45

Where: Sketch (The Gallery), London

Why: It's Samantha's favourite restaurant. Why? Surely not because of the over-priced London food? Correct, it's definitely not that, though the food (albeit a small menu) is very nice 'up-market European' and does vegan and GF options. No dear friends, it is because you get to dine surrounded by the world class art of David Shrigley and their toilets are psychedlic eggs. It's a teeny tiny piece of living art.

Dress code: Art smart (their words, not mine) “We ask our guests to dress with a sense of style and character.” Shorts are not permitted. So basically, dress as odd as you like. Dress up, dress down, dress your best. 



I completely understand that 1) it is a lot of time, money, and effort to travel to London for one meal. 2) The effects of the pandemic may mean that you may feel uncomfortable travelling and socialising, or that when the time comes the government may have instructed a second 'lockdown'. So, there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to attend, no friendship points will be lost! If you are able to and willing, please do join, if not, it's honestly not a problem. Please do RSVP by the 09th of August though because I need to confirm numbers with the restaurant to secure the date. 

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Thanks for letting me know!