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a person of wide knowledge or learning

Historically, a polymath is considered a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Today, with the exponential increase of available information in any one discipline, to embody the classical definition of a polymath is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible. Samantha believes that a successful modern day polymath shows curiosity in many subjects and gains expertise in one or a select few. The key additional trait of the polymath is to facilitate an effective network, or collective, of other polymaths, and encourage collaborations and multidisciplinary working. As a collective, modern day polymaths together embody the same benefits as the traditional polymath. Perhaps an exttension of Gestalt psychology "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” The shortened version is often used as an insult, however, the complete saying was formerly intended as a compliment. The phrase means that a person is a generalist rather than a specialist, versatile and adept at many things. Samantha strives to be a modern day polymath, to expand her own understanding of the world and to connect with others.

Samantha was born in 1994, Oxford, England, to a working class family. Samantha is dedicated to the contributing to the fields of medical science and healthcare provision. 
A trained molecular biologist, Samantha completed her first degree in Biomedical Sciences and later, a master's degree in Medical Ethics and Law. Previously, she worked as a health care assistant in NHS hospitals and private care homes, supporting her clinical focus. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, formerly at AstraZeneca, where she worked in both early and late stage drug development. She currently works at Eisai where she has specialised in clinical trial transparency. 

As a Marxist intersectional feminist, Samantha is strong supporter of social and environemntal justice,
and is politically active. She champions critical thought and freedom of expression, highlighting the need for effective communication between and representation of all members of society. Particularly with pervasive subjects that affect all people, such as the climate crisis, science, and medicine. Her main interest is understanding the intersectionality of class in British society.

Though committed to medical science, Samantha endeavours to experience life as fully as possible beyond STEM. She is particularly interested in the visual arts, both being interested in the global history of art, and producing 'sci-art' herself under the alter ego of Dale Vulpes Vulpes. She regularly exhibts and sells her work.

In keeping with the modern polymath ethos, Samantha is keen to develop herself in many ways. She subscribes to Camus's description of the absurd; where one must find happiness in accepting the meaningless of life. And thus, she actively tries to live her life in revolt.

A selection of Samantha's interests include: surrealist art, reading sci-fi novels and short stories, yoga, speaking 
conversational German, rum bars, viola, guerrilla and urban gardening, mental health, socialist revolution, and walking her two aopted cats Chateau and Chataigne.

You can contact Samantha here.

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